Frequently Asked Questions

The NFT space runs 24/7 at a ridiculous pace. We recognise the need to keep up with big and small projects in every time zone and this is achievable on your own, but we are building a community where this information can be more easily accessible with the tools to actually mint these projects instead of losing them all to bots.

Funds from secondary sales will be used to purchase blue chip NFTs which will be fractionalized and airdropped to holders. We are also in the process of developing a tool suite (minting bot, sniping bot, portfolio tracker) to be airdropped to holders.

No, all shards provide the same share of rewards. However, the three tiers grant different levels of authority in the community DAO. This will be announced and sorted accordingly after mint.

Yes, there will be airdrops and fair votes in the future, so each extra shard gives you more voting power and gets you more benefits.
You can get whitelisted by inviting new members into out discord server or by staying active and helping others in the community. You can find more information on our whitelist requirements in the Discord.

The minting date and website will be published exclusively on our discord channel. The whitelist will be reserved for early adopters and the fanbase community. After the mint is over, you will be able to trade on secondary platform such as Magic Eden, Solsea and Solanart.

Mint price will be decided 48 hours before the mint date.